mesothelioma: Clinical and Morphological

Tumor cells are rarely found mesotelial is most common in the pleura (more rarely longer in the peritoneum and elsewhere). Mesothelioma Tumors are associated with asbestos exposure in the workplace in 90% of cases, however. only 20% of all patients who suffered from pulmonary asbestosis. The risk of life (not influenced by smoking habits) in patients with severe exposure is 7-10% with a latent period between exposure and the incidence of tumors, 25-45 years old. Among the asbestos factory workers, lung carcinoma remains the most frequent tumor found; risk of lung carcinoma has increased significantly if there is also the smoking habit.

Clinical Overview

Patients mesotheliomas was found with chest pain, dyspnea and recurrent pleural effusions. Mesotheliomas are highly malignant tumor that invades the lungs and can metastasize widely. Some patients with these tumors can survive more than 2 years.


Menyehar a diffuse tumor in the lung surface and fissures, forming sheaths that wrap around the tumor. Epitelioid microscopic patterns of tumor (70%), sarkomatoid (20%) and mixed (biphasic) (10%).

Pattern epitelioid show-like cells forming tubules and epithelium with papillary projections resembling adenocarcinoma. ¬ characteristic antigenic characteristics (kalretinin, WT-1 positivity and CK5 / 6) and ultrastructural (long and slender microvilli) allows this tumor dihedakan with adenocarcinoma (positivity MOC3I and BG8 and have short microvilli and fat).

Polo sarkomatoid showed malignant cells resembling fibrosarkoma sha

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